Eline Jetten
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One Flew Over The Prada Runway (interview)

While browsing the rosters at New York Model Management to find who they have in town for S/S14, we noticed how unbelievably expensive the agency’s development division has become.

Special regard must be given to Eline: That cover shot of hers is a real attention getter and that book has several ‘wow’ effects. It is a perfectly compiled book because -truth be told - there simply is no second chance for the first impression. And our very first impression of Eline is thoroughly ‘amazing’.

Feminine with a tender touch of androgyny and eyes so expressive, Eline is our very favourite from New York Models for this season. Find out more about the Rotterdam native below.

How discovered?
I was initially scouted through the internet by another agency 3 years ago. They quit their business this year, so I emailed my now mother agent Shirley if she wanted me. And she did! I graduated in illustration last year, but I found it too difficult to make money as an illustrator. So now I can combine the two.

Best thing about your hometown?

You can buy food from every culture in Rotterdam and we have a lovely harbor.

What keeps you awake at night?

Now with all these busy casting days nothing can possibly keep me awake!

Describe yourself when you were young?

I loved Pippi Longstocking, but it turned out to be a bad influence. I was very naughty!

Most awkward experience you’ve had in modeling so far?

At a test shoot they dressed me up as a butterfly mummy, gave me decorated fake toenails and took pictures of my feet.

Tell us something unique that people don’t know about you.

I’m afraid of fish.

Best advice ever received?

To see modeling and traveling as big adventures.

by One Flew Over The Prada Runway (discontinued)